Основные функции пластиковых упаковочных крышек бутылки
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Основные функции пластиковых упаковочных крышек бутылки

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With the continuous improvement and improvement of various processing technologies, plastic packaging bottles are also processed into various colors and shapes, and applied to all fields of our production and life. The bottle cap is an important part of the bottle, so what is its specific role? Let's let the editor explain to you

Sealing function: As the carrier, the primary function of the plastic packaging bottle cap is sealing, which is also the key to ensure the storage status of the contents and prevent the invasion of external impurities and bacteria. Especially in the field of food packaging, if the sealing of the bottle cap is not good, the seasoning is prone to leakage or moisture deterioration.

Anti-counterfeiting function: In order to prevent counterfeit and inferior products from mixing in the market and disturbing the market order, some enterprises will set anti-counterfeiting marks on the bottle caps, such as printing anti-counterfeiting codes or brand-specific marks.

Anti-theft function: Another function of the bottle cap is anti-theft. There is a anti-theft ring at the bottom of the bottle cap. The anti-theft ring breaks after screwing the bottle cap, which plays a role of vigilance, mainly to prevent others from opening the package maliciously.

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Marketing function: This is mainly applied to some beer or beverage packaging. The manufacturer will print QR code on the inside of the bottle cap and carry out award-winning activities to attract more consumers to buy and realize product promotion activities.

The basic functions of plastic packaging bottles are mainly reflected in the above aspects. Some bottle caps have special functions, such as spray, caps that can be inserted into straws, etc. The use function of products can be improved through the caps to enhance consumer experience.

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